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16 mm transferred to DVD
Duration 04:19 min/loop, dimensions variable, 2004

In “You’ll Miss What’s Gonna Stay II,” the scene is set in a trashy backyard of some big city. Here are four groups of people: from left to right a young couple laughing and making out in a broken armchair, a single guy talking on his cell phone, three boys in a sofa, and finally a second couple leaning against a spraypainted van, enjoying the spectacle of the boys. All of them move about in slow motion. Looked at closely, however, one may notice that their movements loop, that the video runs backward and forward and backward again. Another moment of scrutiny reveals that each of the four groups loops in its own rhythm, separate from the others, and that this rhythm is not constant but sometimes longer, sometimes shorter. It is this resulting variation of interlocking rhythms that is important. Supplementing the video’s representation of the four groups, these rhythms express their social being-with-each-other: sometimes looping faster, sometimes a bit slower, each rhythm relates intensively both to itself and to all the others.

Director/Author: Johanna Domke
Cinematographer: Anne Misselwitz
Edit: Johanna Domke

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