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16mm transferred to DVD
Duration: 16:05 min, 2005

“A sunset takes 7 minutes” is set up on the roof of a building in Berlin. A group of young people is gathered, watching the setting sun while chatting and drinking. The camera makes a slow 360º turn, panning the city landscape and the people on the roof, grasping a few fragments of their conversations. The whole scene repeats itself and the only thing changing is the setting sun and the slowly disappearing sunlight on the people’s faces. Instead of technically looping the occurrence the actors play the repetition of the proceeding. It looks like the group is caught in a moment of time, while everything else is moving onwards.

Director/Author: Johanna Domke
Cinematographer: Anne Misselwitz
Camera assistent: Henning Gebhardt
Sound: Mathias Steinach
Sounddesign: Tarje Gullaksen
Edit: Johanna Domke


Sebastian Stert
Elisabeth Milarch
Fabian Stumm
Amor Schumacher
Oscar Axelrod Naumann
Anja Naomi Decke
Rebecca Naumann
Daniel Hyan
Christoph Konopatzki
Marcel Heizmann

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