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Duration: 12:05 min, 2008

Domke’s newest film Stultifera Garden deals with an overlapping structure of the public and the private. The film is set in a park – a cultivated form of nature. In baroque times the park functions as a symbol of power by the oligarchy, demonstrating their influence by forcing nature into a human ideal. The traditional garden is a place where the entire world is represented in highly symbolic symmetry and perfection. Today it is a place were city dwellers recover from busy urban life. At the same time it is a place implementing the “elsewhere” - an un-ruled territory for individuals who are in conflict with society or the human milieu in which they live. It is also a place for individuals whose behaviour is deviant with the respect to the mean or the required norm.

As in earlier works, Domke uses a travelling camera to approach the parks diverse character, emphasizing polarities as observing and being watched, high and low culture, control and non-control. The incessant pan evolves from a classic portal towards a dystopic, mazy structure of trails. The camera experiences different milieus of the park not directly examining them but portraying them with an inexplicit openness. She accesses milieus that formed architectonical structures in the shrubs, such as cruising areas and drug trafficking points. She discovers places that became functionalised entities - for teens as a get-away, for elderly as a meeting point - each and everyone with their own character and history. Without stating explicit action or narrative Stultifera Garden is more interested to explain that a park is a place for the other, where all these milieus and facets function along side. Intruding as an omniscient eye, Domke is constructing the real to establish the fictitious.

Production and idea: Johanna Domke
Co-production: Spreefilm
Production manager: Jens Freels
First Assistant Director: Goro Tronsmo
Director of photography: Anne Misselwitz
Steadicam-Operator: Istvan Imreh
Camera assistant: Facundo Altube
Sound: Thomas Diesel
Production design: Adán Hernandez
Property master: James Shannon
Make up: Anne Sandau
Gaffer: Henning Gebhardt
Best boy: Simon Köcher
Crane operator: Chris Sobisch
Extras coordination: Susanne Sickert
Composer / Sound design: Lars Deutsch
Visual Effects: Julia Smola
Support: Danish Art Council, ARRI Berlin
Special thanks to: Nerthus Arslan & timebandits GmbH & Co. Marius Engh, Jens Freels, Tarje Eikanger Gullaksen, Goro Tronsmo, Ditte Lyngkær Pedersen, Mai Gunnes Hofstadt, Trygve Luktvaslimo, Thea Timm, Endre Aalrust

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