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Duration: 10:40 min, 2007

“Sleepers” is shot during night time at Stansted airport, located outside of London. Stansted is known for being the central airport for low-cost airlines and because of its location and the very early departures many passengers spend the night at the airport. The camera silently moves through the entrance hall and pans the sleeping people that lay spread around over the chairs of the waiting area or simply on the floor. It seems as if the airport has come to a standstill.By moving inside this standstill “Sleepers” is portraying a non-moment in a non-place.

Director/Author: Johanna Domke
Cinematographer: Anne Misselwitz
Assistent: Hanna Keller
Sound: Frederik Østmann
Edit: Johanna Domke

Support: Kunststyrelsen, Danish Art Council

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