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Digital Still Images on DVD
Duration: 04:13 min

From the top of a windy hill, two motionless figures overlook a valley with a teeming big city. One is standing up, the other sits on the ground, the distance between them too large to evoke a sense of togetherness. With the employed video trick the day-and-night cycle is compressed to last merely a few minutes: the clouds race across the sky, the night falls like a brick and thousands of lights gleam at once in the valley before dawn breaks, the sun flies up and a new day begins. All the while, the two figures remain absolutely still before the unfolding scenery. Only the wind blows in their clothes and their hair. That is it; and it is that simple. A new block of reality emerges with that touch of the wind, with its affections on a mineralized human body affecting the viewer: a new possible relationship, a different sensation of the body.

Director/Author: Johanna Domke
Cinematographer: Johanna Domke
Sound: James Welburn
Edit: Johanna Domke

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