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Duration: 18:05 min loop, 2008

Johanna Domke’s newest work “Cuers” is inspired by Franz Kafka’s “The trial” and the filmic universe of Orson Welles. The audience is taken on a fleeting and meandering journey through different sites in public space, where people are exposed to long waiting. The individual is presented as a singular being, confronting structures of public space. The particular situations are represented in an inspiratorial manner shifting in and out of eachother. Time and space is dissolved in kaleidoscopic pictures, which emphasizes how we physically as well as mentally have trouble adjusting to our anonymouse environment. “ Cuers” seeks to create a mental space through abstraction and subversion of the familiar.

Idea and production: Johanna Domke
Assistent producer: Claudia Wolf
First assistant director: Mario Pfeifer
Second assistant director: Theresa Braun, Vinzenz Lehnert
Location manager: Claudia Wolf, Mareike Hube
Director of photography: Anne Misselwitz
Camera assistant: Johannes Thieme
Dolly grip: Christoph Sobisch
Gaffer: Henning Gebhardt
Best boy: Sören Beseler, David Heaven
Production design: Adán Hernández
Assistent production design: Eva Pilling, James Shannon
Props: Anja Wallner
Wardrobe: Thomas Peupelmann
Documentation: Sandra Hermannsen
Colour grading: Carlo Krug
Sound design: James Wellburn

Support: Danish Art Council, Arri rental Berlin, 25 P Cine Support

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