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Duration: 12:14 min, 2007

“Crossing fields” emphasizes upon the private use of commercial space and portraits reading people in a bookstore. The video was filmed in a bookshop in Beijing, as this phenomenon is broadly common in mayor cities in China. Due to obsolete libraries, bookstores function as an open source of knowledge, which attracts crowds of people to spend their free time in gigantic bookstore complexes. But instead of buying the books people spend entire days, sitting and reading thronged together, spread around the store. As the management approves this behaviour, the reading people’s private use of space is becoming prevalent to the commercial activity in the store.

Johanna Domke is interested in this kind of anarchic use of space and the depiction of stasis evolving within the situation. Winding its way through the statue-like readers the camera captures with close and intimate images the ambiguity of their presence. Being physically present they sojourn at the same time in the fictive sphere of their reading. The immobile appearance of the readers leaves the impression that the camera is moving within a frozen moment of time.

Production Company: Tree House Film Production Beijing
Director/Author: Johanna Domke
Producer: Jan Kern
1st AD: Amanda Weiss
2nd AD: Tik San
Line Producer: Wu Dingqing
Production Assistant: Yu Xiao
DoP: Florian J.E. Zinke
1st AC/ Focus Puller: Liang Le
Wardrobe: Guo Guo
Make-Up: Xing Nina
Sound: Amanda Weiss
Sounddesign: Tarje Gullaksen
Edit: Nathan Miller

Support: Kunststyrelsen, Danish Art Council

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