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“Man kenen ki / Me the other “ is a film / installation project about the notion of belonging and the search of roots in our global society. The film focuses on a twin couple brought up between Africa and the US. Split between the two cultures, they finally find together again after searching for their belonging. Their search stands in connection to their great-grandfather, who was Senegal´s first president - Leopold Sedar Senghor. The poet and cultural theorist deeply influenced the strengthening of African identity in a global perspective. “Man kenen ki / Me the other” is an experimental documentary with strong artistic ambitions and personal concerns.

“Man kenen ki / Me the other” is conceived in a close collaboration of Senegalese artist Fatou Kande and German/Danish artist Johanna Domke. The two artists have been paired together under the project “Face á face” curated by Michelle Eistrup and Amadou Kane Si, which will be presented at the Dakar Biennial in Senegal in May 2010 and the Images of my World Festival in Copenhagen in September.

The work was shown in a first state at the Off Dak´art program. The filmwork ist still in production.

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